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1. A wild woman pulling the corners of your heart with her fierce eyes & poetic hair.
2. Jewellery & Accessories dense in delight.



Other Things You Might Like To Know... 


Melbourne is our new home and we love what we do. 


Most of our pieces are made by hand, with inspiration coming from almost any place and any time. Salvaged and recycled timbers are a big part of it too, we source these from around South East Queensland.


This idea was born one summers day, over sweet grapes and apple cider, after the story of 'Dorothy Love' and her wild ways was told to her great great granddaughter. Who thought Dorothy's essence would be the perfect inspiration to begin a journey into design, prepossessing a certain density in delight.   


Lets be good friends.


Melissa Doolan, Jacqueline Scorrano, Benjamin Nichols, Mr Jo Buff, Nick Gauci, Matthew Hofmann and Lesley Denny there wouldn't be any photos on this website... so thanks guys. 

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